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وحدة تحكم أنذارحريق 16 Zone Conventional انتاج اوروبى يسر شركة Royal Surveillance systems المتخصصة في جميع أنظمة الاتصالات و الأنظمة الأمنية ولديها خبراء متخصصون في تلك الأنظمةCommunication & Security & Control Systems بعرض أحدث وحدة تحكم أنذارحريق Conventional والتى حققت المعادلة الصعبة والتى يبحث عنها أى عميل أعلى كفاءة بأقل سعر . Specifications • 16conventional input zones. • 2 notification appliance circuits (NAC, Sounder) with built-in synchronization for ANSI 3.41and Gentex. • The panel comes with a 3 amp power supply. • Dedicated alarm and trouble relays. • 1 RS485 can be able to connect repeaters. Description The fire alarm control panels 16 Zones provide all of the sophisticated features required of a leading edge conventional fire alarm system along with the simple operation and efficient installation methods demanded by both installers and building users. The panel can be flush or surface mounted and the generously sized metal back box allows ample space for rear or top cable entries. A comprehensive range of auxiliary devices is available to operate with the fire control panels including optical, ionization, photoelectric, photoelectric-thermal and heat detectors. Each of the system components has been specifically designed to operate as part of the system. This provides assurance that the control panel, smoke detectors, interface devices and the ancillary components are all fully compatible with one another and that the full range of system functionality is supported by each device. ضمان لمدة عام كامل مع الاستبدال عمل عقود صيانة وإصلاح لجميع الهيئات للأستعلام أتصل على 034850367 – 01224179788 – 01098836236 صفحتنا على الفيس بوك : تابع مدوتنا لمشاهدة باقى المنتجات : للمراسلة من خلال Email : العنوان13 st Sezostrees Alexandria Eygpt :
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