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Feedback Overview

Every Mehtag member has a feedback profile. It includes a rating number in parentheses, as well as comments from other members you've bought from and sold to.
 toyseller (68)
means that this member has received positive feedback from at least 68 other Mehtag members.
How it works
The feedback rating system is easy. Mehtag members who have completed a transaction with you can leave feedback about their experience. You receive:
  •  +1 point for each positive comment
  •   0 points for each neutral comment
  •  -1 point for each negative comment

A star icons will appear besides the members names to represent their feedback score.

When to check feedback
Before you bid on or purchase an item, you can check the seller's feedback rating by clicking on the number next to the their name, or from the link feedback. Sellers may also want to view the feedback profiles of buyers to see how reliable they've been in the past.

Important Note

The response you post is permanent, so be sure to make only fair and factual comments.