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Mehtag Auctions Glossary

Auto Resubmit: This option for sellers automatically resubmits your auction if your item is not sold when the auction closes. The auction reopens with the same information.

Automatic Bidding: The system automatically places bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. You enter the highest amount you are willing to pay, then the computer goes to work for you. The goal is for you to win your item at the lowest possible price. Your maximum bid amount is placed only when another bidder has actually bid up to that amount.

Buy Price: The price at which the seller is willing to sell the listed item. The auction closes automatically when a bidder meets the buy price.

Credit Card Verification: Credit card verification is an added step to ensure a safe environment for auction participants. Your credit card will not be charged. All sellers are required to provide a credit card to verify their identity before they can sell. Bidders may participate in auctions without providing a credit card.

Length of Auction: The number of days people can bid on your auction. You select a length of time from two to fourteen days.

Minimum Bidder Rating: This option determines which bidders are required to provide credit card verification before bidding on your auction. The default rating is None -- this means that no bidder is required to enter a card number. Select a rating number and any bidder with a lower rating number will be required to enter their credit card number; set it to All Bidders to require every bidder to enter their credit card number. Note: we currently do not have credit card verification available in all countries, therefore if minimum ratings are enabled users from those countries may be blocked from bidding.

Photo Upload: Photo Upload is a feature for adding photos to your auctions using the Mehtag Auctions submission process.

Register: In order to place a bid or sell an item you need to register at Mehtag. Registration is free and it is required. This helps provide all participants with a safer environment to buy and sell. Your registration information is private.

Reserve Price: The reserve price is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. The seller sets a "Starting Price" and allows buyers to drive up the price by placing bids. If at the close of auction, the bidders have not met the reserve price, the seller is not obligated to sell.

Sales Policies: As a seller, you choose how you want your transactions to proceed. There are three things you need to specify:

  1. Decide what types of payment you are willing to accept from buyers (personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, credit cards, or payment via an escrow service).
  2. Specify who pays the shipping costs -- you or the buyer.
  3. Indicate whether you will ship the item after the close of the auction or after you receive payment.

Starting Price: All bidding for your item will start at this price. Please keep this amount as low as possible. Bids below this amount will not be accepted.